Psychotherapy, what it really is...

Is a process of “welcoming” the stranger-he who is estranged from himself, away from home, wandering in an alien land-into a relationship of trust, care, and mutual respect.

Is a process of “visiting” the imprisoned, those chained to their own compulsions, shackled by self-deception, pacing the narrow cells of guilt and anxiety, and talking with them about their prospects for freedom.

Is a process of “clothing” the nakedness of those who have been stripped by illness of all pretense and self-respect, whose emptiness and failure have been laid bare to the world, who have been deprived of all protective devices, masks, barriers, and hiding places.

Is a special way of “calling” upon and sojourning within the inner frame of reference of those who wait under the conditions of helpless sickness, yearning daily for the day of deliverance.

Thomas Oden


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